Hearing loss is extremely common for people over the age of 60. It is also a serious medical condition for many young adults and children. It has become an increasingly big problem because the world we live in has become louder.hearing health 2

If you are one of the millions who suffer from hearing loss, you should get tested and seek treatment immediately. Of course, prevention is the only cure, but you can learn to live with your hearing loss.

How Is Hearing Loss Treated?

The cause of your hearing loss determines the method of treatment.

Temporary Hearing Loss

Bacterial infections, blockages, damage to eardrums and diseases can be cured, but gradual hearing loss cannot.

Temporary hearing loss may be caused by an ear infection. This will go away on its own, but you may want to get antibiotics to speed the process and make sure you recover fully.

Hearing trouble is sometimes caused by blockages. You can go to the doctor and have blockages removed. Any doctor can do this; they don’t have to be a specialist. This most often involves sucking the earwax out of the ear with a machine. Earwax removal products can also be bought over the counter.

For injuries, you will need surgery. Hearing devices may help you during your recovery. The bones in your ear are fragile and sensitive, so it is easy for them to break. This is true also of eardrums, which heal on their own, but cause temporary hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can be most-effectively treated with a hearing aid. Hearing aids amplify sounds and allow people to hear more effectively. There is a wide variety of hearing aids available. Your audiologist can help you choose the one that best suits you.

There is no cure for permanent hearing loss, but newer models of hearing aids are very effective and offer great flexibility for the user. Digital hearing aids are the state of the art today, and can reproduce sound almost perfectly. However, if you need a hearing aid, be prepared to pay. They don’t come cheaply.

Many people who need hearing aids do not wear them. Hearing aids help a great number of people with permanent hearing loss hear better, but many others do not wear them because of the cost, or because they don’t think they’re hearing loss is serious enough. It is important to seek the advice of a medical professional. Being able to hear again is well worth the cost.

Cochlear Implants

For severe cases of hearing loss, where a hearing aid is not effective, you can get a cochlear implant. A device is implanted into the auditory nerve that transmits electronic signals, which are then translated into sound. Although a cochlear implant does not replace real hearing perfectly, and tends to be electronic and buzzy, it can help.

If you suffer any kind of hearing loss, see a doctor as soon as possible. Take the appropriate tests, get the diagnosis, and be on your way to perfect hearing again.

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